Like many others, I too suffer from anxiety. Sometimes it feels like I am at war with myself, doing the “you can do it” pep talk over and over. The good news is that I am really good at the pep talk and I can use my own experience to help others overcome invisible barriers that might be getting in the way of enjoying life experiences.

We All Feel Nervous

There has come a time in all of our lives when we have had feelings of nervousness– but guess what? Those feelings have actually been good (say what?) in that they have protected us over the course of time by prompting us to act in times of perceived danger. Thinking about entering the unknown (even in our dreams) and allowing us to feel nervous to a certain degree, is our mind’s way of trying to predict what we are getting ourselves into. We can anticipate and react to situations better if we have experienced it before, but in the absence of the known, we are left to work with the unknown.

When Nervousness Takes a Sharp Turn at Anxiety Avenue

For some of us, the regular old nervousness that is supposed to be our friend, decides to take us on a ride to anxiety town. Our nerves exceed the normal prompting of danger which can create a negative chain, starting with our thought process and ending with fear, apprehension, and worrying. Sometimes it doesn’t end with our emotions and can manifest physical symptom such as shaking, confusion, nausea and difficulty breathing.

Help Is On The Way

Because I am personally acquainted with anxiety, I can offer, with sincere empathy, the antidote needed to relieve some of the symptoms. Regular massage treatments have been proven to benefit cases of anxiety by lowering the stress hormones and elevating the feel good chemicals.

Massage treatments also have restorative benefits if you are carrying your anxiety in your neck, shoulders and back.

But What If My Anxiety Is Getting In The Way Of The Solution?

Are you feeling anxious about venturing out, trying a new clinic or even a new massage therapist? At Physique Massage Therapy we are dedicated to supporting our patients with anxiety by helping them overcome the uneasiness that may occur when trying something new, even trying a different massage treatment. Here is the rundown so you can start imagining yourself going through the process and coming out relaxed, soothed and positive.

The Process

Step One – Book Your Appointment

This can be done by phone. Choose one of the following treatments:

  • Physique Classique – 80 minute full body massage
  • Full Body Massage – 50 minute full body massage
  • Urban Lifestyle Massage – time-sensitive treatment with a concentrated treatment to a specific area of your choice
  • Premium Massage – 110 minute full body massage including scalp/face and gentle stretching
  • Upper Body / Lower Body Massage – 50 minute massage to either the upper or lower body
  • Prenatal / Postnatal Massage – 50 minute prenatal massage

Step Two – Check Us Out!

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Using our social media platforms, you can get a “behind the scenes” glimpse of Physique Massage. Browse through photos of the interior and exterior of the clinic, read reviews from current patients and get a general feel of our personality. You are also welcome to drop by to see the office before your appointment to help you feel more comfortable. Our rooms are large enough for those who would like to bring someone with them during the treatment. This is necessary for our younger clients but useful for our hesitant ones as well.

Step Three – Your Appointment

Come 15-20 minutes early so you have time to prepare and relax.

Step Four – Success!

You return to your life feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and energized. Don’t forget to book your next appointment so you have something positive to look forward to in the coming weeks, knowing you are taking care of your mind and body.

If you have any worries about trying massage or coming to our clinic, please, please please let me know and I will support you in any way that I can. Check out the promos below, they will be particularly helpful to anyone suffering from anxiety.

This Week at Physique

Get a FREE 5 minute light therapy boost. Even 5 minutes can make you feel energized and happy for the rest of your day. If you book your session ahead of time, I might even have a yummy treat for you to go with your morning coffee. Read About Massage & SAD



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